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From Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

If you arrive at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, you can either take a train or a taxi to Delft.


Trains from Schiphol to Delft

  • Trains from the airport to Delft are very comfortable and take approximately 45 minutes. There is a train every 15 minutes. One-way train tickets cost € 8.70 or € 14.80 depending on whether you travel second or first class. Schiphol railway station can be entered in the main hall of the airport. After clearing customs at Schiphol, you have to go through two rows of shops to get to the main hall. Depending on the train you take to Delft, you will need to go to track 5 or 6.
  • You should take a train to the main railway station of Delft (not to Delft-Zuid), which is situated between the railway stations Den Haag (The Hague) HS and Rotterdam CS. For the best connections between Schiphol and Delft, you have to change trains in Leiden or Den Haag HS. Take care that you don't take a train to Den Haag CS, which is another, terminal station in The Hague, and that you do take a train that stops in Delft (not all trains do).
  • You take a train departing from Schiphol at hh.13 or hh.43 and change in The Hague to a train to Rotterdam, or at hh.28 or hh.58 and change in Leiden to a train to Rotterdam.
  • For the train time table, please see the website of Dutch Rail (NS).

For taxis in Delft, please note that because of construction going on in and around Delft railway station, the taxi stand is behind (= on the western side of) the station. When leaving the platform after arriving from Schiphol, go down the stairs, turn left, and then left again. After about 100 meters, you will find the taxi stand.

Taxis from Schiphol to Delft

A taxi from Schiphol to Delft will cost anywhere between €65 and €85 (prices vary from service to service and these are approximate prices). You can book a taxi with the Schiphol Travel Taxi service. On their website, please enter 2628 CD as zipcode and 5 as House Number (Conference Venue) or the zipcode and House Number of your hotel.


From Rotterdam Airport

A taxi from Rotterdam Airport to Delft will cost around €25. The telephone number to call a taxi is +31 (0)10-26 20 406. If you prefer to travel to Delft by public transportion, you will first need to take bus nr. 33 to Rotterdam Central Station. The journey from the airport will take about 20 minutes. From the Rotterdam railway station you can take a train to Delft; they run every 15 minutes. See also the website of the RET (local Rotterdam transportation, in Dutch) and Dutch Rail (NS).


Coming to Delft by private car or motorbike

If you plan to come to Delft by car or motorbike we advise you to have a look at a website such as Mappy to help you plan your route.


Parking in Delft

Visitors are advised to use the official car parks, such as the one in Zuidpoort (see parkingdelft). There are several at only a few minutes' walk from the central shopping area. There are almost 1000 spaces in total; just follow the signs to P-route Centrum. For €1.30 per hour or €7.00 per day you can leave your car as long as you like. The parking fee has to be paid when you collect your car. The parking spaces in the streets of Delft are clearly marked. Find a parking metre and get a ticket after parking your car. Currently, the rate is €1.50 or €2.00 per hour. There is no maximum daily rate. However, the cheapest option is to park your car in the University area. You might have to search for a space, but since the University is outside the city centre, there is no parking charge.


Parking at TU Delft

Parking at TU Delft is free in the designated parking lots.


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